Getting digital projects off the ground is only the first step to bringing neglected texts by American women authors into the sunlight. Without college/university instructors and high school teachers adopting them in the classroom, these texts may continue to remain forgotten.

This index of teaching materials–including lesson plans, activities, syllabi, and other pedagogical artifacts–aims to provide scholar-educators with free, open access, and easy to use materials to help promote the digital recovery of American women writers in their classrooms. These materials underwent the Recovery Hub’s pedagogical peer review process, which you can learn more about here. They also all were selected for the way they align with the Recovery Hub’s pedagogical mission, which you can read here. Below, you’ll first find teaching materials that are related specifically to Hub-supported projects. Beneath that, you’ll find teaching materials about digital recovery more broadly, divided by activity type.

Below is also the recordings from our Spring 2024 Tech Hours. These panel discussions focused on digital recovery in the classroom and include scholar-educators sharing advice, class room activities, and other suggestions.

Spring 2024 Tech Hours: On Digital Recovery Pedagogy

Tech Hours are a series of 3-4 open forum workshops and panel talks hosted by the Recovery Hub every spring. These discussions are meant to engage with topics related to digital recovery and ethics, offer project development tips, or share technical skills to increase interest in digital recovery projects broadly. Tech Hours expand access to the skills necessary to pursue digital recovery, and create a continual opportunity for networking within our larger community. Below you’ll find the recordings from the series “On Digital Recovery Pedagogy.”

Using Digital Archives in the Classroom (featuring Mary Chapman, Sidney Lines, and Suzanne Edwards)

Engaging Students in Recovery Work (featuring Tisha Brooks, Kate Adams, Jacquelyne Howard, Julia Creson, and Cindy Damon-Bach)